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    All Roads Lead to 114, a message from our Executive Director

    Dear Friends:

    You’ll be seeing and hearing that saying a lot at camp this summer because Camp O-AT-KA is celebrating its 114th summer! We are the oldest continually run boys camp in the United States and know that our founder, EJ Dennen, is smiling down and very pleased with the ongoing success.

    It has been a crazy “off season” with travels taking us all over this great country to visit with campers and alumni; and to recruit new families. This year had us visiting ME, MA, NY, MO, OH, VA, TX; and phone calls and video chats all over the world!

    With 1 month until camp opens, we have 62 new campers signed up and are excited to be welcoming them all to the shores of Sebago. Campers for 2019 are coming from 25 different states and 6 countries!

    When I first started at O-AT-KA, I heard it referred to as a “hidden gem.” We all love and value our little slice of heaven on the lake, but we are no longer hidden. And that’s a great thing! With a place as special as O-AT-KA, we want to ensure that as many deserving boys can experience the magic and wonder of all our camp has to offer. Memories that last a lifetime, a place to call home, and friendships with stories that span generations. This is what 114 years means to all of us and what we will continue to gift families for the next 114+.

    Best wishes and I can’t wait to see everyone at Camp!

    -Heather Plati

    PS. In case you missed it – unless you are traveling by boat, there really is only one way to get to O-AT-KA and that is on (you guessed it) …. Route 114 🙂

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