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    The Friends of O-AT-KA wish to acknowledge all of the people listed below who have been recognized for their lifelong commitment to O-AT-KA: 


    David “Cooky” Clark
    John S. Hall, II
    Marsha & Peter Traill


    Charles Donovan


    Ron & Susan Hall

    Dick Carlson
    Robin Carlson
    Stephen Howe
    John Redding
    Nick Smith

    Curt Tong
    Ted Little Sr.
    Dave Fox & Lynn Fox


    Bob Colburn
    Frank Johnston
    Neil Keller

    The Rev. Daniel Crowley
    Walter Nason

    William and Kathy Berndt
    Albert R. Smith

    Calvin Kendall

    David Dennen
    James H. Goff

    Grant W. Wheeler
    The Rev. Donald A. Nickerson, Jr.

    Frank Brainerd
    Jeff and Diane Keeler
    The Rev. Roger Nichols
    Sabin Streeter

    The Rev. James L. Babcock
    The Rt. Rev. Archie and Jean Crowley
    Dr. William & Phyllis Dennen
    The Rev. Howard and Alice Dunbar

    The Rev. William and Elisabeth Berndt
    The Rt. Rev. Roger Blanchard
    Robert and Marlene Courtney
    Victor Knapman
    Emory Martin
    Lillian Nason
    Dr. Clinton Pickering
    Frederick and Susan Traill

    2001 and Older
    The Rev. Ernest and Anna Dennen
    The Rev. Arthur and Lucille Phinney
    Sally Parsons
    Minnie Robbins
    Mary Shepard
    Mrs. Leon Spaulding
    Hans Johnson
    Arthur D. Saul
    Lillian Chalmers
    C. Ray Thompson
    Guy Tucker
    George Tucker
    The Rev. Robert L. Curry
    The Rev. Raymond Hall
    Mrs. John Gyger
    George Howe, Esq.
    Norville Milmore
    John Prescott
    Dr. Hamlin Bennett
    Gordon Bennett
    Dr. Lawrence Wharton
    Molly Kimber
    Al Bliss
    Dr. Chester Jones
    Col. A. Sidney Williams
    Glen Martin
    Carl Martin

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