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  • Through outdoor living O-AT-KA offers opportunities for boys to challenge with Activities that take them from the top of Mt Katahdin to the islands off the coast of Maine. They also develop outdoor skills and an appreciation of the diverse environment through our programs.

    Fishing: Fishing is an activity fun for all ages and skill levels. Campers enjoy fishing for bass, perch, salmon, and more off our rocky-shores and out on a boat on Lake Sebago. Campers do not have to have their own equipment.

    Fly Tie Fly Tying: This instructional craft teaches campers how to tie flies for later use in fishing for trout and salmon. Campers gain experience tying dry flies, wet flies, and streamers. Once the basic tools, techniques, and materials are mastered and several standard flies are tied, campers are encouraged to tie additional patterns.

    Rock Climbing: This instructional class focuses on the fundamentals of rock climbing. Classes will take place on our climbing wall, in local indoor rock gyms, and at nearby “top roping” and bouldering spots.

    Nature/Environmental Science: Are you curious about the world around you? We use camp as an outdoor classroom for both exploration and experimentation. Activities include nature hikes, rock and soil samples, plant identification, astronomy, animal collection, bird watching, weather, conservation, spider feeding, water testing, and more!

    Campcraft: This craft teaches boys the skills needed to be comfortable in the woods. Campcraft offers campers the opportunity to develop outdoor skills such as fire building, axmanship, cooking, orienteering, and more. As campers get older, skills taught become progressively more challenging. The junior and middler programs prepare campers for the Junior Maine Guide (JMG) Program, while the senior level gives campers a chance to continue learning outdoor living skills without needing to enroll in the JMG Program.

    Junior Maine Guide (JMG): For Seniors Only. Session 1 only. For the first four weeks of camp, campers work each day to develop new outdoor living skills, such as fire building, cooking, map and compass skills, shelter building and more. The fifth week, campers go to a JMG testing camp where state officials test and observe a candidate’s skills. Campers who pass the test earn a Junior Maine Guide (JMG) certification from the State of Maine. 

Note: Campers meet two full periods per day during Session 1 (four weeks) and attend the JMG test week offsite during a fifth additional week. 

Cost for the JMG test week is $1,350. For more information on JMG, visit: www.juniormaineguides.org/about-jmg/

    Wilderness Trips

    Rock Climbing in AcadiaDuring his stay at O-AT-KA, every boy can expect to go on at least one overnight camping trip. Often, trips are organized by cabin or unit, and form part of the fabric of the unit experience. Interested middlers and seniors may also register for elective trips that challenge each boy to set and attain goals, take care of himself and his equipment, and to become the kind of person that others can turn to for support.

    Wilderness Trips at Camp O-AT-KA are 2-5 day adventures and include hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing on remote Maine lakes. Camp also offers, as well as an annual trek to the summit of Maine’s highest peak, Mount Katahdin, and a trip to explore Maine’s Acadia National Park.

    Click here to read more about our Wilderness Trips program!

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