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  • Camp O-AT-KA offers opportunities for fun, challenge, and growth. Our campers are divided in three age groups: Juniors, Middlers, and Seniors–life at camp is slightly different for each.

    The primary difference lies in structure vs. independence. As the boys grow and develop, they are given more opportunities to be independent, to be leaders, and to make their own choices and decisions.


    The junior unit campers are the youngest boys at camp, ranging in age from eight to eleven years, entering third through fifth grades. These campers have a very structured program of activities throughout their day. When the campers are not in their individual activities, they participate in group games, supervised rest time, and other activities in their own woodland unit. They enjoy their special role at camp and look forward to becoming Middlers and Seniors in the years to come.


    Boys entering six, seventh and eighth grades, usually age 12-13, make up the middle unit. These campers can choose from a wider range of activities, and are given the opportunity to develop a greater sense of independence in all aspects of their daily lives. Evening program and trip days continue to be organized as all-unit activities. Middlers also have the opportunity to go on extended wilderness trips.


    The oldest campers at camp live in the senior unit. These boys are entering ninth and tenth grades, and are as old as 16. As befits their status, seniors are given greater autonomy and choice, both in their daily schedules and in their unstructured time. They respond well to this opportunity, and many seniors strive to make a good impression so that they will be chosen to participate in the Counselor in Training program during the summer before 11th grade.

    Day In the Life

    From the Password just before breakfast to evening activities, our daily schedule provides routine for our campers. Wilderness trips and adventure days break up that routine on occasion, but here is a sample schedule for a typical day at camp:

    7:15 Reveille
    7:40 Colors
    7:45 Password
    8:00 Breakfast
    8:30 Cabin Cleanup
    9:00-12:00 Morning Activity Periods

    12:30 Lunch
    1:30-2:30 Siesta
    2:30-4:30 Afternoon Activity Periods
    4:30-5:30 Daily Choice Activity Period
    5:00-5:30 Free Swim/Waterfront Open

    6:00 Dinner
    6:45 Colors
    7:00-9:00 Evening Activities
    9:00-9:30 Taps

    Sundays are a modified schedule with an optional chapel service, a larger lunchtime meal and free swim/leisure time in the afternoon.

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